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cum slut <3

cum slut <3

Extreme sexual frustration.

Well I wouldn’t call it EXTREME all in caps with flames bursting out the side and guitar riff in the background.. but this is something that has been getting me very depressed recently.

I am a very, very sexual person. Many people whever they be close “RL” friends or even just passers by on the internet looking at my art would probably guess this.

It has been nearly 2 years now since I was having regular sex. (No, I am not a virgin) and at the current age of almost  21 I am feeling very sexually active but with no outlet other than masturbation. And lets face it. Anyone out there who masturbates a lot KNOWS it just doesn’t cut it ALL the time. I think my frustration is made even worse just knowing that at one point I was having some pretty damn decent sex but now that’s all gone… 

Love sickness is another thing that I have been suffering from but that’s more to do with general close companionship and I feel that sort of thing is a lot more complex to explain. Sex comes with that of course but on the other hand sex is a completely different subject altogether.. I could go on for a dissertations worth on how im lonely… but sex? I AM A LONE HORN DOG.

Why can’t I just go out and have sex? well see, I sit in the same category most nerds and geeks sit in. “BEING SOCIALLY AWKWARD” and it sucks… 

People close to me have suggested I go for an escort. THAT IS HOW BAD THIS IS. xD

Yoooooo you're like super talented!! hahaaa

Thankyou friend! :D

~ Minnie the Whore ~ number of childhoods ruined: many (Including your grandmas)

~ Minnie the Whore ~ 

number of childhoods ruined: many (Including your grandmas)



Tiffy Cheesecake IN 3D “FANART!” 

Wonderful 3D renders of our short and busty mouse over lord made by my pal King Jion!!

View in full 3D here



Switch stahp! you are making me jealous &gt;://C &lt;3



Switch stahp! you are making me jealous >://C <3

Men in porn need to learn how to play with titties fo real